The Inn Seasons South Mountain Condominiums

Client : Daniel Hebert, Inc
Location : Loon Mountain Lincoln, NH
Scope of Work : Framing, Roofing, Siding

About the project

This project is located at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH, consisting of a 5 story condo style hotel. Operations at the mountaint are still in full-swing as construction progresses, so we have had to be respectful of construction noises early in the morning.

North & South was contracted to install all panelized wood framing, roofing, and siding.


Since day 1 of the project start, we have been dealing with extreme winter conditions such as numerous sub-zero temperatures, high winds, daily snow, etc. which caused challenges with equipment running properly.

A major part of this work took place over 3 major holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and school vacation. This requires our workers to have shorter days to work as construction noise is not allowed prior to 8:30am. We have had to be creative and innovating in order to remain effcient.


North & South was able to deliver fantastic results despite the challenges. Heres a good place to talk about maybe a work around or two that you did that was impressive. Or something else that may have come up. This is a good spot to just share how cool and great at your jobs you are! Dont be humble. Brag it up! This is YOUR win! And a good chance to help potential clients see what wins you can make for them! 

We are pleased to provide a reference for North & South. We received outstanding service from your company throughout the process of reconstructing the old First Christian Science Church in Dover into our new company offices… Bruce’s input and oversight, combined with the quality of work provided by all the contractors on the job, provided for a final product of which we are extremely proud to call our new home.

- Richard Hill Founder